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Local citizen initiative And Organization “United Bansko “ Organize a protest with a torch parade in the evening of the National Holiday of Bulgaria – 3th of March

Not under strict formation,

Not under the formal rules of the government ceremonies,

Not like listeners and spectators of the painfully known rituals

But like Bulgarians, carrying proudly the holiday inside them!

Feel welcome to our common national holiday and be active participants in the celebration! Unfurl together with us the Bulgarian flag, raise the torch symbolizing the freedom, sing with full throat the patriotic and revolutionary songs of the past and present! There would be unlimited music and games of questions with presents!

The organizers are awaiting your ideas for the improvement of the conditions and regimes in ski zone Bansko! You are those, who have the rights to assess, criticize, and give propositions.

We do promise you, that we will take your propositions to the institutions, and together with you we wil
l insist on them to happen.

Date: March 2, 2013

Time: 17:30 pm

Location: In front of the monument of N.Y. Vaptsarov

We are looking forward to see you all there.

On behalf of

“ United Bansko”- You are our voice



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